3-pt Suspended Wing Sprayer

The McGregor Suspend Wing Sprayer is the largest 3-pt sprayer we manufacture. It spans 60-ft in total coverage width.  It is a cross fold wing-up style with the wings comprising of two sections.  

This sprayer is built McGregor Tough.   The pictures shown were taken in spring 1999 of a sprayer which covered approximately 5000-acres of some of the roughest terrain in the Palouse Country in Northwestern United States.   Normal applications for this style of sprayer are in flat ground, but we have demonstrated its use in rough terrain.

The Tank frame supports a 525-gal polypropylene tank.  The tank, foam marker, and manifold can all be mounted on this frame when the tank frame and wings are purchased together.  The sprayer wings are mounted on the back portion of this frame.

Tank frame and sprayer wing combination can be purchased together or individually.  The sprayer wings can be used alone with tractors equipped with side saddle mounted tanks, or front mounted tanks.  Options for both sprayer wings and tank frame are listed below.

"Sprayer Features"
  • Tubular steel frame with category III-N, III, & IV-N hitch
  • PTO driven Pump - Roller or Centrifugal pump
  • Adjustable pressure relief/regulating valve and pressure gauge
  • 3-section - 60-ft steel dry-boom with 5-ft outer breakaway
  • TeeJet™ no-drip diaphragm bodies with low pressure spray tips and screens
  • Boom selector valve
  • Frame coated with high quality, long lasting finish (McGregor Orange Standard).
"Tank Frame Features"
  • Heavy duty steel frame with category III-N, III, & IV-N hitch
  • 525-gal polypropylene tank
  • PTO driven Pump - Roller or Centrifugal pump
"Available Options"
  • TeeJet™Control Monitor
  • Electric boom control valves
  • Foam Marker
  • Hydraulic Driven Pump
  • Choice of frame color

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The Suspended Wing Sprayer Brochure is available by clicking the following -  SW-Spray.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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