McGregor Heavy Duty Field Sprayers

Dependability Plus Performance

For today's demanding chemical application requirements, the McGregor Heavy Duty Field Sprayer is the answer to your needs. 

McGregor has had a long standing tradition of building quality field sprayers and this continues in our 80-ft sprayer (model HD80 shown).  Its rugged tubular frame and 4-wing design provides a super stable platform for a highly accurate, uniform spray patterns.  The manifold spray booms are mounted on adjustable arms allowing you to vary spray heights depending on your needs.

Our sprayers can be custom built to fit your specific needs.

  • application widths in either 60-ft or 80-ft (shown)

  • tanks sizes - 800 or 1000 gallon in either stainless steel or poly

  • tank agitation - mechanical or bypass
  • variety of pumps driven either by ground drive or hydraulic
  • variety of manifold boom and spray tips
  • mainframe tires - traditional bomber style or floatation
  • field marking:  disc marker, foam marker, or GPS
  • choice of hydraulic or screw jack
  • wing hydraulic quick turn for fast unfolding and folding between jobs

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engineered for quality and durability

rugged for all appliications

steep hillside


fold-up road legal transport width

easy access hydraulic valves for safe "out-of-the-way" wing folding

optional hydraulic "quick turns" for quick fold-up optional hydraulic "quick turns" for quick fold-up adjustable spray tip heights