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The McGregor Skid Sprayers are as versatile as they are rugged. They have been designed and built to provide many years of trouble-free spraying with a minimum amount of maintenance. The McGregor Skid Sprayer can be loaded on or hauled in any type or size of 2 or 4-wheel drive pickup, truck, or service vehicle.

The McGregor Skid Sprayer can be used as a pressure washer, to spray fence rows, around buildings, grain bins, lawns, and shrubs. The McGregor Skid Sprayer can also be used to spray pastures, ditches, road right-of-ways, small acreages, and all kinds of spot spraying and fire protection.

The versatility of the McGregor Skid Sprayer makes it an ideal unit for use around the farm, industrial sites, airports, golf courses, cemeteries, and many other areas. The McGregor Skid Sprayer is handy as a fire fighter in the hot, dry season. Minimum employee training required before operating  The McGregor Skid Sprayers.

"Standard Features"
  • 150-gal polypropylene tank – mounted on skid frame
  • D-30 Hypro diaphragm pump will deliver 9.5-GPM @ 550-P.S.I
  • Honda 5-HP engine
  • Non-corrosive fittings, valves, and strainer
  • 25-ft hose and spray gun
  • Frame coated with high quality, long lasting finish (orange paint standard)
  • By-pass agitation


"Available Options"

  • 110, 150, 200, 300, 400, 450, or 500-gal polypropylene tank
  • 110-gal elliptical tank
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Tank fill strainer
  • Hypro Pump Options:
    • D-100 will deliver 27-GPM @ 280-P.S.I
    • 1500 will deliver 62-GPM @ 150-P.S.I
    • 1700 will deliver 45-GPM @ 200-P.S.I
    • 6500 will deliver 22-GPM @ 300-P.S.I
  • Self cleaning tank strainer
  • Mount on trailer with jack
  • Transport brackets for McGregor Triple Eagle Walking Boom
  • Jet or Mechanical Agitator for tank
  • Manual or electric hose reel to accommodate 3/8",1/2", 3/4", or 1" hose
  • Paint choices: Ford Blue, International Red, John Deere Green & Beige
  • Plumbing to allow McGregor Sprayer to be filled out of water supply

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"Spray Boom Options"

  • Spray tips – your choice of different types and sizes
  • Foam Marker
  • TeeJetTM computer control monitor system
  • Electric boom fold-up
  • Sonar system
  • 20-ft or 30-ft booms
  • Electric boom control valves, and in-cab console
  • 3-section, wet boom with self centering, breakaway hinges
  • Adjustable height, dual purpose wet booms

email us about our Skid/Slip sprayer

If McGregor does not stock a standard sprayer or the options to provide the sprayer you need - McGregor will build to your specifications!

The McGregor Skid Sprayer Brochure is available by clicking the following -  Skid.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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