Right of Way Sprayer
Top Guage.jpg (19085 bytes)The McGregor Right of Way Sprayer combined with the McGregor RoadSide Spray Boom is the perfect combination for maintaining roadways.  This unique design has an electric actuator controlling the broadcast of chemical so as to reach hill sides and ditches along the road.

The McGregor Right of Way Sprayer  allows the user to chose between chemicals with the two poly cone 30-gallon mix tanks.  Longevity is maintained by using a 300-gallon tank.  This large volume tank allows for a lower center of gravity and better viewing from the driver's seat.  The down stream injection is accomplished with dual Dosatron proportional injectors and two Shurflo diaphragm pumps.  The heart of this combination is a Hypro 9510P centrifugal pump powered by an 8-HP Honda engine.

RSide-1.jpg (18914 bytes)The McGregor Right Way Sprayer spray boom is equipped with a BoomJet broadcast nozzle capable of delivering product up to 50-ft.  With the actuator controlled boom arm, this can be adjusted on the go without stopping for angle adjustment.  The boom is also adjustable for length, so this unit can be fine-tuned for a variety of spray jobs.  The spray boom is controlled with a TeeJet 844 Sprayer Control and 145 1" electric boom valves.

For those hard to reach trouble-some spots, the McGregor Right of Way Sprayer is  equipped with an electric hose reel, 200-ft of 1/2" line, and a TeeJet 2AAL  Spray Gun.


Sprayer Features:
  • Honda 8-HP engine
  • Hypro 9510P Centrifugal pump will deliver 83 – 100 GPM @ 55-80 P.S.I
  • Two Dosatron DI-210 Proportional Injectors.
  • Two ShurFlo Diaphragm Pumps.
  • 300-gal low profile polypropylene pick-up tank – mounted on skid frame
  • Two 30-gal cone mix tanks.
  • Non-corrosive fittings, valves, and strainer
  • Frame coated with high quality, long lasting finish
  • Electric Hose Reel.
  • 200-ft " hose
Spray Boom:
  • Adjustable Pivot Control (electric actuator).
  • Boom Length Adjustment
  • BoomJet Broadcast Nozzle
  • TeeJet 844 Sprayer Control
  • TeeJet 145 1" Electric Boom Valves.

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If McGregor does not stock a standard sprayer or the options to provide the sprayer you need - McGregor will build to your specifications!

The Right of Way Sprayer Brochure is available by clicking the following -  ROW-Sprayer.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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