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The McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer is a versatile general purpose sprayer.  It is small enough to be pulled by small garden tractors such as Kuboda, John Deere's AMT transport and all types or sizes of 2 or 4 wheel drive pick-ups, trucks, or service vehicles.

The McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer is as rugged as they are versatile.  They have been designed and built to provide many years of trouble free spraying and service with a minimum amount of maintenance.

The McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer can be used to spray fence rows, around buildings, grain bins, ditches, road-ways, pastures, small acreage, lawns, shrubs, trees, and spot spraying.  By adding the turf options, the M-150/300 Sprayer can be set up to spray golf courses, parks, school or campus grounds, airports, industrial sites, and cemeteries.

The McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer can be used to apply insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and liquid plant food.

Some advantages of owning and operating a McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer are: 

  • A large range of vehicles can be used to tow the McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer.
  • Quick and easy attachment means than you can hook up the M-150/300 and be spraying in a matter of minutes.  Just as quickly, you can un-hook from the M-150/300 when you need to use the tow vehicle for other jobs.
  • You can spray with the M-150/300 using the boom only, or use the hand line and spray gun only.
  • The McGregor M-150/300 Mid-Range Sprayer may be used as a traveling nurse unit for a walking boom sprayer.  Also, the M-150/300 can be used as mix/nurse trailer to supply smaller sprayers.
  • Minimum employee training required for operating the sprayer.
Standard Features
  • Honda 5-HP engine
  • 300-gal polypropylene tank
  • Mechanical agitator
  • D-30 Hypro diaphragm pump
  • 3-section wet boom
  • Height adjustable boom mount assembly
  • Non-corrosive fittings, valves & strainer
  • 25-ft hand line hose and spray gun
  • Heavy duty tubular frame
  • Highway grade tires, wheels, hubs & axles
  • Heavy duty screw jack
  • 3-way boom control valve, pressure relief valve and pressure gauges
  • 3-section - 30-ft aluminum wet boom with self centering breakaway hinges
  • Spraying Systems no-drip diaphragm nozzle bodies and X.R. tips & screens
  • Frame coated with high quality, long lasting finish, painted the color of your choice
Available Options
  • Jet agitator
  • TeeJet™ 844 computer spray control
  • Spray tips - your choice of different types and sizes
  • Manual hose reel with 100 to 300-ft of hose
  • Roller or centrifugal pump
  • PTO driven diaphragm pump
  • Foam marker
  • Adjustable Electric Boom
  • Self cleaning tank strainer
  • Electric boom control valve, pressure regulator & in cab console
  • McGregor Triple Eagle Walking Boom with transport brackets

email us about our Pull Sprayers

If McGregor does not stock a standard sprayer or the options to provide the sprayer you need - McGregor will build to your specifications!

The McGregor Pull Sprayer Brochure is available by clicking the following -  MR-Spray.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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