McGregor Outdoor Fireplace

If nothing but the rich ambiance of a real wood fireplace will do, cozy up to our Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace.  Use this chiminea style fireplace to extend the usefulness of your outdoor living and dining spaces.

This durable heavy gauge steel fireplace has a large swing door that opens fully for easy access and a fire screen to arrest the big sparks from jumping out of the chamber.  The sturdy four-leg support will ensure a solid placement wherever you choose to position it.  While this fireplace does not direct much heat downward, we recommend using a patio block or hearth pad to protect the surface of your deck or patio.

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Color Options:

The McGregor Outdoor Fireplaces all start with a layer of high temperature paint.  A factory designed curing process will occur the first time you build a fire and some smoke and odor during this process is to be expected.  We currently offer three Stove Bright color options:

Safety First:

When using any outdoor fireplace make sure safety is your #1 priority.  The  safely of your family, property, and possibly your neighbors is at stake.  Have an approved fire extinguisher, a bucket of water, or other water source readily available.


As with all outdoor equipment or furniture, regular maintenance is required to keep your product looking great and lasting for many years to come. Aerosol cans of the above colors are available through The McGregor Company for at-home touchups.

The McGregor Outdoor  Fireplace Brochure is available by clicking the following -  OutdoorFireplace.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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