FireBoss™ Fire Fighter

And Optional Fire-Trol® Fire-Foam®
Foam Proportioning System

The McGregor FireBoss™ is a valuable fire fighting tool. Ideal for road travel, the FireBoss™ mounts quickly and easily to most any pick-up or flat bed service vehicle. The FireBoss™ can also be plumbed directly into a fixed water supply making it an excellent on-site fire fighting installation.

As rugged as it is versatile, the McGregor FireBoss™ has been designed and built to provide many years of trouble free fire fighting with a minimum amount of maintenance. Easy to operate, the Fire Fighter requires minimal training.

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Standard Features

  • 200-gallon polypropylene loaf tank  
  • Honda 13-HP engine
  • Robwen 125 Pump
  • Summit Manual Hose Reel 
  • 200-feet of 1-inch hose (live)
  • Foot valve on suction line
  • 35-feet x 1 1/2-inch draft hose with strainer
  • Non-corrosive fittings, valves, and strainer
  • Frame coated with high quality long lasting finish
  • Lift points for easy loading and unloading 

Available Options

  • Fire-Trol® Fire-Foam® foam proportioning system  
  • Electric hose reel 
  • 100 - 500-gallon tanks
  • Honda 18-hp engine / Robwen 180 fire pump
  • Pull behind & utility slip units (shown below)


The versatility and effectiveness of the McGregor FireBoss™ makes it ideal for a variety of industrial and rural fire fighting applications.

  • Forest Service  
  • Logging and timber companies  
  • Utilities  
  • Contractors  
  • Manufacturing plants  
  • Railroads  
  • State Agencies
  • Mining

Fire-Trol®(CF-Series) Foam Proportioning System

The Fire-Trol® (CF Series) Foam Proportioning System (FPS) adds the capability of using Class-A foams with the McGregor FireBoss. Fire-Trol® Class-A Fire Foam® has been developed to increase the Fire Fighting efficiency of Water.

The Benefits of Using Fire-Trol® Class A Fire-Foam®:

  • Safety and damage control by quicker knockdown of fire  
  • Water usage reduced by 3 to 5 times  
  • Reduced surface tension of water, enabling it to penetrate deeply in Class-A fuels  
  • Coat fuels with protective layer of foam  
  • Hold water in place making it more effective at cooling the fire  
  • Control release rate of water into the fuels  
  • Up to 3-times more effective in absorbing heat than plain water 
The Fire-Trol® FPS is easy to operate and requires low maintenance. The FPS mounts between pumps and hose reel providing smaller engines with the advantage of having foam available at the hose reel without adding concentrate to the water tank or running foam mixture through the pump.

Additional features of the Fire-Trol® (CF-Series) Foam Proportioning System:

  • Graduated metering valve in concentrate supply hose permits either a wet or dry foam to be provided by the FPS.  
  • Maintains continuous foam flow under varying water pressures and volumes and needs no physical adjustment to the FPS.  
  • Does not require electrical power to operate. 

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