ATV Wing-Back Pull Sprayer

McGregor ATV Wing-Back Pull Sprayer and your 4-wheel ATV, you can spray crop land early before you can get a full size field sprayer on wet ground. This rugged little sprayer gives you a head start early in the spring when the ground conditions will not support a full size tractor and field sprayer.

It can also be used to spray smaller problem areas, conservation strips, airports, parks, and chemical safety zones around farmhouses and buildings.

By dropping the wings, the sprayer can be used in tighter spaces to spray lawns, parks, ditches, fences rows, trees, shrubs, and grain bins.

The McGregor ATV Wing-Back Pull Sprayer can be used to apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and liquid plant food. It can be hauled or pulled behind any sized pick-up. The McGregor ATV Wing-Back Pull Sprayer offers quick, easy set up for field spraying.

"Standard Features"
  • 30 or 55-gal polypropylene tank
  • C6500 Hypro roller pump (ground driven)
  • Non-Corrosive plumbing and strainer
  • Adjustable by-pass valve and pressure gauge
  • Boom control valve
  • 30-ft / 2-section aluminum boom – 20" spacing
  • Spraying Systems no-drip diaphragm bodies with XR tips and screens
  • Booms mounted on adjustable wing frame
  • Adjustable end-wing wheels
  • Drop leg hitch stand
  • Frame coated with high quality, long lasting finish paint

"Available Options"

  • Jet agitator for tank
  • 5-HP Honda engine
  • 25-ft hand line with spray gun
  • Tank fill strainer
  • Foam Marker

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If McGregor does not stock a standard sprayer or the options to provide the sprayer you need - McGregorwill build to your specifications!


The McGregor ATV Wing-Back Sprayer Brochure is available by clicking the following -  ATV-WingBack.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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