McGregor Aqua Seeder™ 

An Investment That Quickly Pays Off!

Built to perform hours of trouble free seeding, the McGregor Aqua Seeder™ is ideal for commercial and residential planting.  Designed with the operator in mind, they are efficient and easy to use.  Within minutes the mulch can be prepared.  The McGregor Aqua Seeder™ will pump to the bottom of the tank, eliminating wasted mix.

Clean out is quick and easy - quick connect hose ends and hand gun, straight line plumbing, drain at bottom of tank, pump clean out feature and flush tank save wasted time preparing the Aqua Seeder for the next Job.

The McGregor Aqua Seeder™ can be used with a variety of  service vehicles.  Lift brackets make loading and unloading quick and easy allowing the vehicle to be available for other uses.  The McGregor Aqua Seeder™ can also be used in fire protection.  The versatility of these Aqua Seeders, the time savings in mulch preparation, application, and cleaning as well as being easy to operate make the McGregor Aqua Seeder™ is an investment that quickly pays off.

Available Models:

  • HS-200 (standard)
  • HS-300
  • HS-520
"Standard Features"
  • 200-gal linear polypropylene tank with clean out feature
  • 9-HP electric start Honda engine
  • 3" Teel Trash Pump with clean out feature
  • 3" plumbing with 3" 1/4 turn valves up to the hose line
  • Storage Reel with 100-ft of 1 1/2" flat-lay hose
  • Large 20-gallon flush tank
  • Spray nozzle with 1/4" turn valve
  • Draft port for self filling
  • Large bale holding tray at tank opening for easy loading
  • Lift brackets for loading and unloading
  • Will throw over 100-ft
  • Heavy duty tubular frame construction
  • Frame coated with high quality long lasting finish
 "Available Options"
  • Larger Tank sizes - 300 - 525
  • Electric hose reel
  • 10-feet of 2" hose with quick connect ends
  • Turret with hose and nozzle
  • Cross link tanks



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The McGregor Aqua SeederBrochure is available by clicking the following -  Aqua-Seeder.pdf.  To view and download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have Adobe Reader v4.05, go to their web page by clicking the image below.

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