Distributors of Wheatland Hopper Bottom Bins & Grain Bins

The Meridian Advantage

Meridian is a pioneer in the industry, having manufactured the original hopper bottom storage bins. We strive to create the highest quality products available, while continuously applying the latest innovations to our bins, such as powder coat paint finishing.

Meridian values:
1) people, 2) quality of product, and 3) customer service. Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers by providing them the highest quality product, tailored to suit their needs.


Standard Features Options
Powder coated interior and
exterior (ext. only on Feed Bins)
22" spring loaded remote lid (top)
Telescopic ladder
Rack & pinion slide gate
24" clearance under gate
Grain Guard aeration
Manway (bottom)
Manhole (roof)
View glasses
Poke hole
Bean ladders
Ladder cages
Skid foundations
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